It was just supposed to be for the summer (pt. 2)

Piper laid her bag on the table and sat down on a the nearest chair. Her feet hurt something awful she wasn’t used to being on her feet.

Her aunt must’ve heard her come home because she soon came to talk to her and brought her some tea. “Hey kiddo. So how was work?”

Piper went on to explain her day only at the end telling about her plans for the evening “So that’s my day. In about an hour I’m meeting up with Tori and we are gonna meet Brayden somewhere to try to figure out what happened to his sister. It truly is awful. Can you tell me a little about her?

Belinda just sat there staring into her teacup for a minute before beginning. “Well, Lexi has always been a wild child. She got pregnant at a young age and after finding out, she married Bo, her sweetheart. That seemed to settle her down. She started coming back to church and it seemed like she was putting her wild ways behind. That is until now.”

“So she has run away before?” Piper asked.

“Never ran away like this. I mean she snuck around behind her parents back, but then I guess all teenagers do. Well I need to get ready. Madge and I are getting together for tea tonight.” Madge said as she got up to take her cup to the sink. “You dear have a nice time tonight.”

Piper handed her Aunt her teacup when she extended her hand to take it. “Thanks, you have a lovely time gossiping.” With that comment Piper saw her aunt smile. The two then went about getting ready for the evening.


Brayden waited on Tori and Piper while he drank his coffee. They were 15 minutes late,but then that was normal for Tori. The new girl however he had no idea about her but something made him want to know more about her. That thought however didn’t sit well with him either, so he quickly ignored it and tried once again to call Lexi even though he knew it was pretty much hopeless that she would answer.

Tori came right into the house not bothering to knock. Brayden and Lexi’s parents were pretty much like her own parents. “Sorry that I’m late. I couldn’t find my car keys.” She then spied Brayden’s cup of coffee. “So I see you started the coffee. Were you even gonna offer me and Piper some coffee?”

“Of course I was. You just got in the door so extend me some grace.” Brayden got up from his seat and headed to get two more cups of coffee. While he got the coffee, he heard Tori asking Piper about her family. He couldn’t hear her answer,but he wished he could. He finished pouring the coffee and because he didnt know how Piper liked her coffee he grabbed the creamer and sugar.

Both girls said thanks at the same time and then turned to eachother and said jinx and started laughing. Piper was the first to speak, “So what’s the plan. How are we going to find Lexi. My aunt Belinda told me a little and I asked Tori some questions on the way and I must say I agree with you about that this isnt her just getting away. If it would be then why hasn’t she done it previously in her four years of marriage?”

“That’s what I have been saying. The question is why did she leave then if that’s not the reason? She didnt even take Maisley with her.” When Brayden saw Piper’s confused glance, he quickly clarified for her. “Maisley is her four year old daughter.”

Piper let out a gasp,she couldn’t even imagine anyone voluntarily leaving thier child.”Oh, the poor girl must be so confused that her mommy isnt here. I suggest we try to find out what happened to Lexi. Did Lexi have anyone who didn’t like her?”

“Not likely, these last few years, Lexi was a changed person. She turned from the town rebel into a sweet angel. She was a stay at home mom so there was no work enemies. Brayden and I have tried so many times to figure who would be mad at her,” Tori said. There seemed to be a tinge of defeat in her voice even though she was trying to hide it.

Piper reached over and squeezed Tori’s hand. “We will find a loophole somewhere. What about her husband? Did they have a happy marriage?”

Tori seemed a little emotional so Brayden answered, “They had a pretty good marriage. Tom is worried sick about her. He keeps thinking that she will come home. They did have thier rough times. They got married when they were quite young, so it took some time. And I know you’re probably thinking that they could’ve hid thier marriage problems and your right, but Lexi wears her heart on her sleeve and we would’ve picked up on it.”

Everyone sat there lost in thier own thoughts for a while. Piper let out a long breathe. She didn’t know Lexi so it was kind of hard for her to help. “So if it isn’t anyone she knows or her husband, what about the old crowd she used to hang out with? Maybe something happened a long time ago and it’s only now coming out?”

Both Brayden and Tori turned to look at Piper. Could what Piper said be what they were missing the entire time. Tori looked af Brayden, unsure what to say, “Piper, you could be right. However most of the people, Lexi hung around we don’t even know and how were we to find out what happened so long ago?”

“Not only that, how are we to even find them? I guess it’s worth a try though.” Brayden said. The possibility of figuring something out had renewed his hope that maybe they would find Lexi.

Piper rubbed her hands together in anticipation. “Well guys, let’s get started because we will find Lexi.”

With that all three started talking about how to figure out about Lexi’s past.

It was just supposed to be for the summer! (Pt. 1)

Piper walked into the old diner. Her Aunt was to meet her here for lunch. Piper had just arrived from the airport, and they were gonna grab something to eat before heading back to the house. Aunt Belinda had been having some health issues so Piper was gonna stay with her for the summer so she wouldn’t overdo it.

Just as Piper was going to sit at a table, a white-haired, short lady hurried over to Piper. “Ahhh, just the person that I need. You, my dear, are an angel sent from heaven. Come with me; we need to get you an apron and get you started.”

Piper was startled. “I’m sorry, but I think that you got the wrong person. I’m just here to meet with my Aunt Belinda for lunch.”

“So you are Piper. Your Aunt has told me all about you. We are good friends, and I know for a fact that she wouldn’t mind if you helped me out. The lady that I hired didnt show up today and I can’t seem to get ahold of her. I really need the help, will you please help me?”

Piper stood there debating what to do. It did appear that the diner was short staffed and it would only be for a day. “Ok, I’ll help you, but only until the other lady shows up.”

The old lady gave Piper a hug unexpectedly. “Thank you so very much! Just to let you know my name is Madge. Now let’s go get you started.” Madge then led Piper to the back and introduced her to everyone and got her started waiting tables.


Yesterday had gone wonderful. Piper had actually enjoyed working at the diner, and now somehow Madge had convinced her to work for the entire summer. It seemed that if Madge set her mind to something then she got it. Hopefully it would be a good day.

And it was a good day until Brayden Louise showed up. He was quite angry. “Where is Madge? I need to talk to her.”

Piper calmly walked over from the table she was clearing. “Madge isn’t here, but can I help you with anything?”

“No, you can’t help me and who are you?”

“I’m Piper, and I started working here yesterday because a lady didn’t show up and Madge needed help.”

Brayden looked suspiciously at Piper. “So maybe you know where my sister is. You probably did something to her so she wouldn’t show up for work and then you would get her job. Who do you think you are anyway?”

Piper was quite taken back. Thankfully her co-worker and new friend came to the rescue. “Brayden, stop it! Piper did nothing like that. I know you are worked up about your sister missing, but you need to calm down. Go sit down and eat.” When Brayden nodded, Tori looked at Piper. “Go get a menu and table setting for him.”

When Piper walked off Brayden talked to Tori. “I’m sorry for coming unglued but I’m worried about Lex. This is so unlike her.”

“You and me both, but I’m not the one you need to apologize to. Piper Ryans is a really sweet girl, don’t ruin her day by being a jerk. When I get off work, I’ll help you find Lexi.”

“I’ll apologize and thanks Tori. You’re a great cousin.” Brayden then headed to his table.

He had just sat down when Piper showed up. “Sorry for what I said back there.”

Piper handed him a menu. “Apology accepted, and I would like to help you find your sister. I’m new to town with nothing better to do, plus me and Tori became fast friends. You on the other hand are not as nice as her.”

Brayden smiled and glanced over the menu. “Sure, you can help. I could say no, but I know that Tori would just drag you along. She was quite protective of you, and I said I was sorry about earlier.”

“I forgave you, just not forgotten. You really hurt me,

being the new girl and so insecure. Now what would you like to order?”

Brayden saw the smile Piper was trying to hide and knew she was joking, but he decided to play her game. ” I’ll have the special, and it looks like I’m just gonna have to prove how nice a guy I am.”

As Piper walked off, Brayden felt a little better. With Piper and Tori’s help, they would find Lex. The rest of his family and Lex’s husband thought she needed some alone time and went somewhere, but Brayden thought something else was up. Hopefully everyone else was right, but he wasn’t going to rest until he found her.

….and so it starts

Lemony Snicket once said, “When trouble strikes, head to the library. You will either be able to solve the problem, or simply have something to read as the world crashes down around you.”

My name is Kadie Prince and I absolutely adore this saying because it is so true in my life. While growing up, books were my obsession. I literally read anything I could get my hands on. My family and school situation weren’t always the greatest so books became my escape. Between the pages of a book, I could be anyone that I wanted to be and go anywhere I wanted to go. I didn’t discover my love for writing until I was in eleventh grade. It was at the age of 16 that I went through a major breakup and struggled to get over it. That’s when I started to write. I would write stories and pour all my emotions out into my characters. They went through all my hurt and pain with me. They found happiness when I found it. My characters were a part of me. I would write about things that happened in my life and because I have a vivid imagination, the stories sometimes were quite humorous. My friends would read chapter by chapter as I would finish them and couldn’t wait until I wrote another because they too fell in love with my characters . Now it’s your turn to meet the characters from my stories. I hope that each one of them can be an impact on you, because that in turn is my impact through writing. Thank-you for reading and giving me a chance to share my stories.